You have ideas. Fund them!

CoyoteFunder is the University of South Dakota’s crowdfunding platform. It allows the Coyote community to develop their interests and to pursue creative projects through philanthropic funding. CoyoteFunder is a tool to connect you with your network – and the rest of the world – to share your ideas.

CoyoteFunder also connects alumni, friends, family, students, faculty and staff with exciting projects and philanthropic opportunities, so they can give directly to the causes that speak to them. You can browse our active projects here.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the activation of a network of individuals to raise funds for their University of South Dakota passions, typically via digital channels. Funds may be raised for scholarships, campus projects, departmental activities, clubs and student organizations, etc. – crowdfunding projects can be focused on most any University of South Dakota fund. Projects must have reasonable, definable and attainable fundraising targets.

Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient and effective when done right – but project success depends on you. The more dedicated, creative and organized you and your team are, the more successful your project is likely to be and the more fun you will have!

How Do I Create a Project?

Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target, what the money raised will benefit, etc. You will also need to lay out your plan for how you will successfully spread the word about your project with our Project Planner. Remember, images and videos can bring your project to life! We offer advice, tips and feedback all along the way.

How does my project get approved?

Once you submit your project on the site, we will review your idea and contact you with the next steps.

Are there any fees?

We cover the cost of the platform, so 100% of gifts go directly to your project.

Not sure if CoyoteFunder is right for you? Email us at to discuss.