About CoyoteFunder

CoyoteFunder is the University of South Dakota’s interactive crowdfunding platform that is based on activating the networks of students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University of South Dakota to come together and raise money for projects and initiatives that are vital to the success of the university.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a process of raising donations from a large number of people to provide funding for a particular project, typically done via digital channels.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please contact Kyla Henderson at giving@coyotefunder.org or (800) 521-3575.

Account Settings

Can I change my profile name?

Make sure you're logged in, go to 'account', and click on the 'edit profile' button.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?

You can reset your password by clicking the 'reset your password' link on the login page. You will be sent an email which contains a link to gain access to your account.

How do I delete my account?

Contact us using our contact form! We'll miss you!

Can I change my email notification settings?

You will only receive emails about projects which you are following. To stop receiving these, go to the project page and click 'Follow' - when the pink heart is absent you won't receive email updates.

Starting your project

How crowdfunding works:

Donors help fund projects. A project is your idea, but with a well-defined proposal, funding target and completion date. We will review your idea and if approved, your team will be responsible for the creation of your marketing and strategy.

How many Creators can I have on my project?

There can only be one Creator account per project, but you should definitely get help from your friends and other society, club, group or department members to help plan and promote it.

What types of project can I submit?

CoyoteFunder supports all sorts of projects. Creators can raise funds for projects of any size they wish - whether that's $10 to $10,000. Students, faculty, staff and alumni can raise funds for scholarships, campus projects, departmental activities, clubs and student organizations, etc. Crowdfunding projects have to benefit the university and can be focused on most any University of South Dakota fund. Since they are project-based, they must have reasonable, definable and attainable fundraising goals. A few rules apply which you can view in the guidelines.

Can I share my project with friends before I submit?

Yes. In the sense that you will be able to discuss what you're doing with people online and via word of mouth. However, you will not be able to send people a link to your project in draft mode. In order for other people to view your projects prior to it going live, you will need to log in to your account and demo the project in preview mode.

Do I have to make a video?

No, but a video is highly recommended as it greatly improves your chances of achieving your funding target.

Can I add a video later?

No. You can't edit a project after submitting it.

Any advice on what makes a great video?

Hop on over to the Video section of the Academy for advice on how to put a great video together.

What types of video can I use?

The CoyoteFunder platform accepts Vimeo and YouTube videos.

How large can my video's file size be?

Vimeo's basic account has a limit of 500mb per file and 5GB for premium accounts. Youtube has a limit of 2GB.

How many images can I have?

One video, but as many images as you like! You just need to enter the web address of the image in your project description.

Can I use music on my video?

Yes, but only if you have permission to do so from its owner! Alternatively you can use any music from http://freemusicarchive.org/.

Can I embed media?

You can add images to the description section of your project, but not videos.

Are there fees?

We cover the cost of the platform, so 100% of gifts go directly to your project.

After Submission

What happens after I submit my project?

Once you've created your project you can submit it to us. We will then send you our Project Planner via email or you can access here. After you submit your project and the Project Planner, we will review it. If it meets all of our guidelines, we'll make it available to the public.

Can I edit my project after submitting?

You can't edit your project after submitting it. However, you will be able to add updates so donors can keep track of the latest developments.

Can I change my funding goal or completion date after submitting?

No. It is not permitted to edit your project after submission.

After Launching

How long does a campaign usually last?

Typically, a project on CoyoteFunder will be live approximately 30-45 days. We will discuss this detail as part of the process.

How can I increase the chance that we will meet the fundraising goal?

A key component of launching a project is a well thought out marketing strategy. You will need to take time prior to submitting a project to create an effective strategy to get supporters involved in your project. You can learn more about promoting your project on our Academy page.

Can I edit my project after funding is completed?

No, otherwise Creators would be able to raise money donated for one purpose and then spend it on something different. This isn't fair to your donors.

What happens if funding is completed before the completion date?

Nothing! There isn't an option to end a project early. We allow donors to continue donating even after your target has been reached so you can generate more support.

What is my responsibility for answering questions from donors?

Donors will ask you questions about your project. They may want to ask for more details about how you will carry out your project or even for more information on you! Donors should be answered promptly. In cases where many donors ask the same question, you should answer with an Update to your project so that anyone viewing it can see this information.

What are Updates?

An Update is a bit like a status update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. It lets donors know about developments in your project and how it's going. They breathe life into your project and are essential to the process. For advice on how to use them, visit the Updates section of the Academy page.

Will donors know if I've posted an Update?

Yes. We will notify them automatically. For advice on how to use them visit the Updates section of the Academy page.

Donor FAQs

How do I support a project?

Simply find a project you like and hit the ‘donate’ button at the right-hand side of the page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes. When you make a gift, you will be given the option of displaying:

  • your name and the value of your gift;
  • just your name; or
  • remaining completely anonymous.
Please note that you will not be anonymous to the Creator - only to the public.

Will you notify me if a project I'm supporting reaches its goal?

Yes. You will receive an email regardless of whether the project reaches its goal or not.

Can I change my gift?

You will not be allowed to change an existing gift, but you can add another one.

How can I get more info about a project?

You can ask a Creator directly on their profile or project page. If you have already donated to a project and you would like to make your question public, you can post a comment on the project. The Creator will be notified by email when you do.